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Work packages

The work of the project is divided into 8 work packages. The design and research work packages and their main objectives are:

WP1 – Consolidation of the reference framework for eAuthentication & eAuthorisation

Identify the requirements for the joint eAuthentication and eAuthorisation framework for distributed collaborative systems that deal with sensitive data and critical applications. Using these requirements, consolidate the standard reference framework, using ABC4Trust, TDL and XACML architectures, that supports authentication and authorisation across different security domains inherent to cross organisational and – jurisdictional collaborations. This WP produces milestone MS1 “Reference architecture for the joint eAuthentication and eAuthorisation”.

WP2 – eAuthentication platform

Provide a privacy-friendly authentication architecture and platform for eAuthentication services across organisational borders that can be integrated with the corresponding eAuthorisation platform. WP2 produces milestone MS2 “Authentication platform implementation”.

WP3 – eAuthorisation (access control)

Develop tools allowing unifying authorisation policies, attributes and claims of different security domains, and providing the advanced authorisation and platform working across organisational borders.
This WP produces milestone MS3 “Authorisation platform implementation”.

WP4 – Design and development of the extensions of the framework

Investigate and design new advanced functionalities such as assurance of claims, trust indicators, cryptographic policy enforcement mechanisms, and methods supporting operation under encryption to meet privacy and security challenges inherent to large-scale distributed collaborative systems. WP4 produces two milestones, i.e. MS5 “Assurance of claims” and MS6 “Cryptographically enforced access control”.

The next two work packages demonstrate and validate the results of WP1-WP4. Their objectives are:

WP5 – Deployment of eAuthentication and eAuthorisation framework in the pilots

Deploy two real-life pilots, one on bio-security incident management in Australia and another on collaborative services for eHealth and AAL in Europe to demonstrate the project research results.WP5 produces the following milestones: MS4 “Integrated eAuthenication and eAuthorisation platform” and MS7 “Pilots are finalised”.

WP6 – Evaluation of the pilots

Validate the project results (security verification) and evaluate the two deployed pilots from different perspectives, such as security of the reference framework and its extensions, usability of the platform, and flexibility and scalability of the system, its integration with legacy systems. This WP produces milestone MS8 “Validated eAuthentication and eAuthorisation platform”.

WP7 – Project management

The objective of this work package is to coordinate the overall project and the partners.

WP8 – Dissemination and exploitation

The objective of this work package is to disseminate the results and maintain exploitation plans.

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