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Public Deliverables Download in pdf
D1.1.1 Detailed descriptions of use cases D1.1.1
D1.2.1 Requirements specification document D1.2.1
D1.3.1 Business & Legal Analysis document D1.3.1
D1.4.1 Reference architecture for eAuthentication & eAuthorisation D1.4.1
D2.1.1 Requirements and architecture for cloud-based authentication services D2.1.1
D2.2.1 eAuthentication platform implementation V1 D2.2.1

D2.2.2 eAuthentication platform implementation V2

D3.1.1 Tools for semantic mapping of attributes D3.1.1
D3.2.1 Specifies administration mechanisms for unifying authorisation based on ontology D3.2.1
D3.3.1 eAuthorisation architecture and platform implementation D3.3.1
D3.3.2 Improved eAuthorisation architecture and platform implementation D3.3.2
D4.1.1 Techniques for assurance of claims D4.1.1
D4.1.2 Improved techniques for assurance of claims D4.1.2
D4.2.1 Cryptographically enforced access control D4.2.1
D4.2.2 Improved cryptographically enforced access control D4.2.2
D4.3.1 Attack and countermeasure model D4.3.1
D4.3.2 Security analysis engine design and development D4.3.2
D4.4.1 Techniques for storing, processing and accessing information under encryption D4.4.1
D4.4.2 Efficiency improvements of the techniques for storing, processing and accessing information under encryption D4.4.2
D6.1.1 Security assessment report D6.1.1
D6.2.1 Report on usability verification D6.2.1
D6.3.1 Analysis of practical aspects and deployment guidelines D6.3.1
D8.1.1 Dissemination plan and tools D8.1.1
D8.1.2 Dissemination report D8.1.2

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